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For those of you I have not met yet, my name is Mark Mueller.  I am a father, husband and pastor currently serving as Executive Director at The Outreach Foundation in Franklin, Tennessee.  I am an ordained PCUSA pastor of 25 years. I am your hybrid, transitional pastor. 

The Middle Tennessee Presbytery is experimenting with a shortened version of the interim process between install pastors, and I will be with you for the next three months at which time the Middle Tennessee Presbytery will assess the health and vitality of the congregation in order to form a pastor nominating committee (PNC).  If the way is clear, I will be with you until the PNC concludes its work.

My role will be to preach regularly, attend to work in the office and be available for pastoral care as needed.

I enjoy the interim process and have worked in several presbyteries in the area of conflict resolution, revitalization and redevelopment.

Dr. Mark Mueller

Hybrid Transitional Pastor


Cell: 256-425-3152

BAXTER, Susie; Director of Christian Edu
Susie Baxter

Director of Christian Education


KILGORE, Carroll  ; Business Administrat
Carroll Kilgore

Business Adminstrator


Dale Nickell

Director of Music Ministry


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Renea Foster

Administrative Assistant


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James Marshall