Music Instruction for Youth and Adults

During this time that ensembles such as the church choirs are unable to rehearse and sing for services, the Director of Music Ministry, Dale Nickell, is offering individual music instruction for interested church members. Thirty-minute lessons are free, as part of the Music Ministry's service to the church community, and will meet weekly at the church.

Whether you are looking to work on singing skills, playing hand-bells, reading music, playing piano, or playing the organ, all types of instruction are available at all levels, depending on the experience and goals of each individual. Lessons can be a great way to keep in practice, to prepare for participation in the Music Ministry in the future, or to simply foster personal musical interest. Contact Dale to discuss scheduling.

Celebration Ringers

The Celebration Ringers Handbell Choir is currently active and ringing for worship services! All church members that are interested in participating are welcome. Whether you have been a Celebration Ringer in the past, or have been involved in the Music Ministry in some other capacity, or are just now looking to become musically active at First Presbyterian, reach out to the Director of Music Ministry, Dale Nickell, to learn more about scheduling and rehearsals.

Vocal and Instrumental Soloists for Worship

The music ministry is seeking church members who sing or play instruments to participate in Sunday morning worship. As well as having organ music, we are able to have vocal soloists and instrumental soloists offer hymns and anthems for services. Reach out to the Director of Music Ministry, Dale Nickell, to become involved.


Remote Worship with Organ Music

As part of our effort to provide remote access to worship services and church ministries, monthly video recordings made on the Carolyn Reynolds Fisher Pipe Organ will be made available on Facebook, Youtube, and the church website. These recordings, separate from the Sunday Service Livestream videos, will provide a higher quality of audio and video recording than is currently available with our Livestream capabilities, enhancing the musical experience for church members as well as showcasing our beautiful pipe organ to the wide audience that is reached with online content.


The Carolyn Reynolds Fisher Pipe organ was officially dedicated on September 8, 2002. The organ is a mechanical action instrument, built entirely by the Bradley Rule Organ Company in New Market, Tennessee. The organ is comprised of 27 stops (31 ranks). Two ranks are from the original pipe work of the 1916 Felgemaker organ; B. Rule furnished other 19th century ranks, and Paul Byron of York, Maine made the remaining pipework. The wooden trackers (of which there are over 2,000 lineal feet) are made of white pine that was salvaged from the swell box panels of an 1899 E. L. Holbrook organ. The organ has an eight level memory system that can recall any registration at the touch of a piston.   


                  Bourdon 16’

                  Open Diapason 8’

                  Chimney Flute 8’

                  Dulciana 8’

                  Octave 4’

                  Nachthorn 4’

                  Twelfth 2 2/3’

                  Fifteenth 2’

                  Tierce 1 3/5’

                  Mixture IV

                  Trumpet 8’

                 Great to Pedal


                  Stopped Diapason 8’

                  Celeste 8’

                  Violin Diapson 8’

                  Principal 4’

                  Harmonic Flute 4’

                  Fifteenth 2’

                  Mixture III

                  Clarinet 16’

                  Oboe 8’

                  Swell to Great

                  Swell to Pedal




                  Double Open Diapson 16’

                  Bourdon 16’

                  Principal 8’

                  Gedeckt 8’

                  Choral Bass 4’

                  Trombone 16’

                  Trumpet 8’


Primary Choir

The Primary Choir is not currently meeting due to Covid-19.

Young Musicians

Our children's choirs are not currently meeting due to Covid-19.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is not currently meeting due to Covid-19.

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