Below is a description of adult classes that are offered this fall. We hope that you find one that fits your needs. For more information on any of the classes call the church office @ 388-1985.

Timothy Class

Through the exploration of biblical text, adult study groups are invited into a deepened relationship with God. The Present Word engages participants in an experiential style of learning—connecting faith and life. This quarterly resource features an Adult Leader’s Guide and an Adult Student’s Book.

The Present Word nurtures individual growth of the participants as children of God rooted in the Christian community, life in the Spirit and Christian hope. Discussion and activities encourage participants to live out their faith in their individual and congregational activities. This class is led by Shirley Casselberry and meets on the first floor in the Library.


Fellowship Class

What’s so Amazing About Grace?


The Fellowship Class invites you to join them beginning October 14 as they begin a new study of Philp Yancey’s book, “What’s so Amazing about Grace.”

In this ten-session small group Bible study, award-winning author Philip Yancey will bring us on an adventure of gut-level encounters with radical, life-changing stories of God’s grace.

Through candid interviews, Yancey weaves true-life faces and experiences into powerful sessions that offer intimate glimpses of God’s power to forgive the most deplorable deeds, love the

unlovable, and redeem the seemingly irredeemable. And through Yancey’s pull-no-punches style he will bust through preconceptions and get participants thinking and talking, and help you

discover together why grace is truly amazing.

This study will help you gain a better understanding of what grace is, why it is so precious, and will teach you how to integrate it into your life. Engaging questions, provocative Bible studies, and lively discussions are just part of the package. You’ll also be challenged to look for grace where it counts most: in your character and personal life.



The Chapel Class

This open discussion class follows scripture selections from the published Presbyterian USA lectionary. Participants include, but not limited to, disparate individuals (young, AARP & beyond) whose commonality acknowledges God's grace and His desire for reconciliation and restoration with our neighbor. This class endeavors to be a safe place to share one's spiritual hopes, strengths, struggles, questions and fears as it relates to the selected verses.

The Chapel class is facilitated by Greg Martin and meets on the first floor in the Chapel.


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Below is a description of Bible studies currently offered. For more information on any of the Bible studies, call the church office @ 388-1985.


The Discipleship class meets on Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:30 in the Fellowship Hall. They are currently studying the book of Romans. Diane Messick facilitates the class.



Men's Bible Study

The Men's Bible Study meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6 AM (yes, that’s AM) in the conference room adjacent to the cafeteria at Maury Regional Hospital. The class studies a variety of books related to the scriptures.

Presbyterian Women’s Circles

We have two women’s Bible study groups, one meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 AM, the other meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.

The 2018—2019 PW/Horizons Bible study, God’s Promise: I Am with You, takes readers on a journey through scripture to consider circumstances in which God articulated God’s promise of presence. This study does not delve deeply into manifestations of God’s presence but rather on God’s actual articulation of God’s promise. We will see anew that God offered these words of profound comfort and commitment to individuals and communities from the time of the patriarchs to that of the prophets; from the judges to the kings; before, during, and after the exile; into the New Testament and beyond, to the end of the age.