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Below is a description of adult classes that are offered this fall. We hope that you find one that fits your needs. For more information on any of the classes call the church office @ 388-1985.

Fellowship Class



"The Wired Word", is an ecumenically produced Bible study that relates scripture to current events with thought provoking questions. 

​Each week, there are two different topics.  Both speak God's word into our current events and help frame our hearts towards His.

​ This class is led by, Rev. Steve Thomas, Mary Beth Cotham and Gloria Dale and meets in the Fellowship Hall.


The Chapel Class










This open discussion class follows scripture selections from the published Presbyterian USA lectionary. Participants include, but not limited to, disparate individuals (young, AARP & beyond) whose commonality acknowledges God's grace and His desire for reconciliation and restoration with our neighbor. This class endeavors to be a safe place to share one's spiritual hopes, strengths, struggles, questions and fears as it relates to the selected verses.

The Chapel class is facilitated by Greg Martin and meets on the first floor in the Chapel.


Young Adult

The Young Adult class is currently using Faith Matters for Young Adults-Practicing the Faith.

This class is led by Terry Hendrickson and meets on the 3rd floor in the Timothy room.



Below is a description of Bible studies currently offered. For more information on any of the Bible studies, call the church office @ 388-1985.

Presbyterian Women’s Circles

We have two women’s Bible study groups, one meets on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 AM, the other meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM.

The 2021—2022 PW/Horizons Bible study- "What My Grandmother Taught Me"

Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary—Matthew names these women for a reason. How might Jesus have heard the stories of his grandmothers? What might the young Jesus have felt, as he heard about his family? What might the stories of these women have added to his sense of identity, as part of a particular family in a particular time and place? And what can Jesus’s grandmothers-of-the-faith teach us? By exploring these stories together, we will have a richer idea of what the good news is.

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