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First Presbyterian Church is located in downtown Columbia at the corner of W. 7th and High Streets. Since there are several churches nearby, look for the church with the dome on top.



Parking is available on W. 7th St. to the east (the courthouse side) of the church, and also on High Street behind the church. The W. 7th St. lot leads to an elevator entrance with access to all levels of the church.


Entering the Sanctuary
You can enter the sanctuary by coming up the front steps of the church on W. 7th Street, or by coming from the educational building. Ushers will greet you with a bulletin that will guide you through the service. For the hearing impaired, hearing devices are available. Please ask an usher.



The Service of Worship
Before the service, you are encouraged to participate in our Ministry of Friendship by signing the red pad which is located at the end of the row. Visitors are asked to put a complete address, phone number, and, if available, an e-mail address.


During the service, you are encouraged to follow the service as indicated in the bulletin. Hymns to be sung are found in the Presbyterian Hymnal in the rack in front of your seat. Usually we stand for the singing of hymns, and at other times in the service as indicated by the worship leader.

  • There are several times that the congregation responds during the service. After the Assurance of Pardon, the congregation stands and sings the Gloria, which is found on page 579 of the Hymnal.

  • After the reading of scripture, the reader will say: “The Word of the Lord,” to which the congregation responds: “THANKS BE TO GOD.”

  • Before the Pastoral Prayer, the leader will say: “The Lord be with you,” to which the congregation responds, “AND ALSO WITH YOU.”

  • As the service ends, you are invited to greet those who are worshiping near you.


A modern, well-equipped nursery is located in the educational building. A nursery is provided for all Sunday morning activities, and for many other activities in the life of the church. Enter by the door with the green awning on High Street, and go straight down the hall to the nursery, where you and your child will be welcomed.


Church Membership
We receive members by baptism and affirmation of faith, by transfer of your church letter from another church, or by reaffirmation of faith. One of the ministers would welcome a chance to talk to you about church membership. Speak to them on Sunday, or call the church during the week—931-388-1985.


Inclement Weather
Inclement weather may cause a change in worship plans. The most up-to-the-minute way to learn of change in plans is to check this website.

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